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Sight from Hereti

"Vision from Hereti"
"Vision from Hereti" is a second film about Georgians, living abroad ,crew by TV corporation "Mze". The recording period was proceeding in the most problematic conditions, because the whole film crew, was prevented by national security and judicial department of this country. It should be noted, that Heretians are very discriminated on national basis. This process of discrimination is revealed in prohibition of educational literature in Georgian, and freedom of faith. Hereti (also called Saingilo) is a Georgian territory historically, but it was transferred within the borders of Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan in 1921. Despite historical difficulties Heretians are Georgians and their feeling of patriotism has always distinguished them from other Georgians. Word Ingilo means newly converted to Islam in Georgian. Consequently, this name is usually unacceptable and insulting for Heretians. Kakhi, Zakatala, Belakani are ancient Georgian territories, where Georgians are living till modern times. An ancient Georgian Orthodox Christian church is still functioning in Kakhi. The religious, faithful population has a desire to restore and renovate other Christian churches as well, but this initiative is opposed by local government. The only Georgian theatre in Hereti is on the verge of destruction, here installation of new stage chairs which are sent from Tbilisi, is prohibited. Church of Kurmukhi is built in the name of St. George and is located on the top of a rock. This church is famous throughout whole region. Its respected equally by Orthodox Christian Georgians and Muslim Azerbaijanians. During Kurmukhi celebration, people walk barefooted towards the church and wish each-other a happy and lucky life. In this documentary film there are recorded some historical buildings and ethnographic traditions, that have never been observed by Georgian TV viewer before. Elisu (sultanate of Elisu) deserves our attention. This territory was lost by Georgia during invasion of Shah Abas. This is a picturesque region, where the unique bridge constructed by King Tamar is still preserved. We can say, that Heretians are one of the most distinguished and talented singers among other Georgians. The TV viewers are unable to watch and listen to their songs without becoming very emothional.

The film lasts for 59 minutes.

Director and author of scenario: George Kalandia.
Director of the project: Eldar Mdinaradze.
Cameraman: Beso Gaprindashvili.
Director of editing: Naira Dilaniani.
Consultant: Candidate of historical sciences Buba Kudava

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